Growatt Thor 40kW DC EV Charger 2xCCS(40DD-P Wifi)

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Delivery time: on request

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Growatt Thor 40kW DC charging station enables easy and efficient fast charging via 2x CCS Type2, compatible with all vehicles with CCS Type2 connector, 7′ Tochscreen for loake operation and monitoring, Intelligent control and scheduling via app, P54 protection class for indoor and outdoor use, max. 40kW output line, max. 80A output current, power limitation possible, activation of charging via RFID or app, alternatively charging without activation, intelligent load management for multiple units, fan cooling, charging cable 5m, dimensions 548x775x294mm, weight 55kg, manufacturer warranty 3 years#.

Weight 90 kg
Size 55.8 × 77.5 × 29.8 cm


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