STRONG Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter 500 Mbps

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Incl. VAT
Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days

Expand your WLAN from any power outlet!

  • 1 Powerline Wi-Fi 500 adapter
  • Powerline speed up to 500 Mbit/s, WLAN speed up to 300 Mbit/s
  • Perfect for IPTV, HD video streaming and gaming
  • 2x 3 dBj adjustable external antennas for better WLAN performance
  • 1 Ethernet LAN port+ 1 Ethernet WAN/LAN to connect computer, set-top box, smart TV, video game consoles, etc.

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The Powerline Wi-Fi 500 Adapter is the perfect add-on to your existing Powerline 500 HomePlug AV network. With the Powerline Wi-Fi 500 Adapter you can create a new WLAN hotspot in the room of your choice. Simply connect the Powerline Wi-Fi 500 to your existing Powerline 500 network by operating the Connect & Secure button and expand your WLAN coverage in minutes. No additional cables needed!

Connect computers, consumer electronics, tablets, smartphones and other network-enabled devices to the Internet simply through your power outlets. Installation is extremely easy with zero-time configuration and requires no expertise.


  • Power
    1 Powerline WLAN 500 Adapter
    Powerline HomePlug® AV Standard Powerline Speed up to 500 Mbps
    WLAN Speed up to 300 Mbps
    802.11n/b/g WLAN Standard
    Compatible with any Standard Modem or Router
  • Coverage & Reliability
    300+m range over electrical circuit
    2x adjustable external antennas for maximum coverage and reliability
    Connect & Secure button to connect Powerline Wi-Fi 500 to existing Powerline 500 network in seconds
  • Security
    128-bit AES encryption for network security and data protection
    WPA/WPA2 for highest WLAN security
    Connect & Secure button for optimum network security
  • Connections
    2 Ethernet LAN ports for connecting computer, set-top box, smart TV, video game consoles, etc.


Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter 500 Mbit/s Datasheet



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