guardian odem - for mobile devices

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Interference frequencies emanating from mobile devices influence our body and our psyche. These heat up the adjacent tissue, overstimulate the autonomic nervous system and thus cause stress, fatigue, listlessness and insomnia. The guardian odem makes the outgoing radiation tolerable for humans and stimulates the autonomic nervous system. It makes you concentrated, clear and focused.

  • Always keep a cool head
    Reduces heating of organic tissue when using the phone.
  • More resilience
    Stimulates your autonomic nervous system and promotes your regeneration.
  • Less overstimulation
    Reduces overstimulation of the autonomic nervous system during mobile device use.
  • 0.5 mm thin
    Intensive research enables a slim design.
  • For any cell phone
    Our ultra-thin design allows for use with any cell phone.
  • Simply glued on
    No cover? No problem. The back of the guardian odem has a thin adhesive layer for optimal hold.

How does the guardian odem work?
The odem technology is a frequency transformation technology that was invented, researched and developed in Austria. Thomas Aigelsreiter's work aims to transform demonstrably harmful short-wave frequencies (electrosmog), i.e. to transform them into frequencies that are tolerable for people and promote vitality, in order to create an interference-free working and living environment.

Our products consist of an aluminum shell with a silicon wafer inside. This silicon wafer is suitable as an optimal carrier material for the odem technology due to its perfect crystal lattice structure. The carrier wave implemented on it is a standing earth magnetic wave (Schumann frequency with 7.83 Hz), with the odem specific functional frequencies modulated on it, for the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Thereby odem products connect the human being with the vital, inducing, standing earth magnetic waves (Schumann frequency) of the earth. Since these inducing earth magnetic fields fundamentally influence our chronobiological body processes, they are indispensable for maintaining vitality.

The effect of guardian odem is scientifically measurable.
The positive effect of guardian odem can be shown at any time by means of a heart rate variability (HRV) measuring device on the human body. These are measuring devices on medical standard, with which also studies are accomplished. Furthermore, it is easy to show by means of a thermal imaging camera that the cell phone and the head no longer heat up strongly, for example, when making phone calls.

A successful study to prove the efficacy of the odem technology, conducted by an independent institute in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Marktl of MedUni in Vienna, will be published at the end of the year.



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